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Watch JimSlip – Sienna Day – From Pole to Pole HD porn movies and sex clips. JimSlip – Sienna Day – From Pole to Pole Hardcore porn.

JimSlip – Sienna Day – From Pole to Pole



Description: You will understand the instant you hear how Sienna went from dancing around a pole to dancing on my ”pole” in this weeks casting! Members will hear her tell how – on leaving school – her Careers Master had declared that due to her lack of academic credentials, she faced a life either as a whore, pole dancer, or in porn! On reflection, she decided to take up a 2 Year Foundation course in Pole Dancing at a reputable university and launched her career in Ibiza which ended in a calamity which will make you smile! She returned to her careers master, who confided that he was a member of jimslip.

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