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SexArt – Assoli – Greeting From Holland



Description: Jay kisses his way from Assoli’s toes to her sweet lips and back to her hard nipples; by the time he reaches her pussy, she is so eager she rocks her hips up to meet his tongue. He strokes her until she’s gasping, and then she lavishes playful licks on his stiffening cock, making it twitch and swell. She straddles him and rides hard, bouncing and grinding, then leaning back to deepen the penetration as he thrusts up into her. Jay flips her onto her back and powers into her, the sticky sounds of her wetness betraying her arousal as much as her moans of pleasure. Assoli turns onto her knees and Jay does her from behind, sliding in and out with long, steady strokes and quickening his pace as they both approach orgasm.

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