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Watch Taboo-Fantasy – Susanna – Payback In The Ass!!! HD porn movies and sex clips. Taboo-Fantasy – Susanna – Payback In The Ass!!! Hardcore porn.

Taboo-Fantasy – Susanna – Payback In The Ass!!!



Description: Friday afternoon….payment is due today….but Susanna doesn’t have the $25 Loan payment, because Mom held back her allowance for skipping school!!! Stewart shows up in Susanna’s bedroom, looking for money…..and when she doesn’t have it….he reminds her (and shows her) the "asshole clause" in their contract…and demands "payment"!! Susanna begs him to overlook the Loan agreement….claiming that she is just a tiny little girl…and that a hard cock in her asshole would be very painful…..but mean older Brother Stewart insists on collecting on the debt….and pulls his pants down, and forces Susanna to suck his cock. When he is hard, and ready to sodomize her…Susanna asks for a "warm-up" period first, in which she can "take it in the cunt".

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